12795333_10204201602758917_3359725380163399193_nKiko Milano are an Italian make up brand that have started to open shops around the UK, they stock professional make up and skin care products at affordable prices. Everything in Kiko screams class and sophistication. I hadn’t heard of Kiko Cosmetics until about 6 months ago, and now I’ve discussed them, I’m hooked. The prices are extremely reasonable for the amazing product you get. At the beginning of this week I took a trip to London and visited the Kiko shop in the Westfield Shopping Centre. So in my second blog post I’ll be reviewing the products I purchased..


Water eyeshadow: 200


This water eyeshadow is something I have had my eye on for a while, but always seemed to be out of stock, gr! Finally I found it in store and grabbed it as quickly as possible. Just the look of this product is amazing and I could stare at it all day, which is pretty sad and obsessed. This instant colour eyeshadow, for wet and dry use. It is a mixture of ground-breaking spherical powders for an outstanding colour effect, bringing together extreme coverage, pure luminosity and long lasting. Its soft, creamy texture enables the creation of a multi-dimensional make up, for colour with “bright” volumes and remarkable purity. Thanks to powders particular manufacture, this eyeshadow is easy to blend and offers immediate release of perfectly even colour. The exclusive three-dimensional shape, with a special ergonomic design, facilitates product uptake, making it quick and easy. AND the best thing about this product is that it is only £8.90!! This product also is available in 32 different shades and they are all gorgeous.


Water eyeshadow: 203

The final product I brought on this shopping trip to Kiko was the ‘Ultimate Pen Long Wear Eyeliner Pen’. This eyeliner pen is soft and  with a flexible tip reliably follows the eye contour, allowing for an absolutely clean and precise line, with buildable thickness. The “capillary system” technology allows it to release the ideal amount of   formula, for maximum control during application and a flawless result, without smudging. Super easy to use, thanks to its innovative ergonomic design and its “anti-slip” grip, Ultimate Eyeliner allows even less experienced users to get extremely accurate and professional results. Originally this eyeliner pen is only £6.90, and I was very lucky and managed to get it in the sale for £3.20, which made me a very happy bunny!!



Thank you for reading my second blog on Kiko Milano Cosmetics, one of my favourite affordable makeup brands! Just a shame you have to spend no less than £25 online to put an order in and I live so far from any Kiko shops! But I still eventually manage to get my hands on their products.


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Welcome to my first ever make up blog and probably to the 7,112,950 review of the Urban Decay Naked 2 Palette. Urban Decay is one of my most favourite and most used makeup brands for eyeshadows, as I don’t think any other brand’s compare the quality of Urban Decays eyeshadows. I am a massive Urban Decay fan and have almost every palette by them, but Naked 2 is genuinely the most useful and so necessary for everyday makeup. The Urban Decay Naked 2 Palette is only £37, which isn’t bad considering how long the eyeshadows last for. This palette is described as being a taupe-centric palette containing 12 neutral shades. I use all the colours in the palette as they are more beige-based which the colours I personally prefer are. Compared to the first Urban Decay Naked Palette, Naked 2 has a robust packaging design and the palette is metal. I much prefer this as my original Naked Palette which is made out of velvet seems to get dirty considerably quickly and it’s the most practical (But I still love that palette as well)!

Now to discuss  Naked 2’s Collection of Shimmering and Matte eyeshadow colours:

19064208285_8c9beb368e_b (2)
Naked 2 eyeshadow colours: Suspect, Pistol, Verve, Ydk, Busted and Blackout

Suspect – Pale Golden Beige Shimmer

One of my favourite colours in Naked 2 – it’s the perfect neutral that goes with everything, but with a really different taupey tone running through it! Like a much cooler, slightly darker version of MAC All That Glitters, with a touch of shimmer. .

Pistol – Light Grayish Brown Shimmer

Pistol is a the perfect mix between a grey and a brown, and has a nice shimmer finish. Surprisingly this is one of my favourite shades out of the palette, I don’t think I own anything else like this in my collection, it’s pretty unique – plus, it’s a new shade from Urban Decay! I think this would be a nice shade to pop all over the eye with lashes of mascara for an evening look.

Verve – Oyster Shimmer

Verve is a lovely pearl shade with a high shine finish. This shade should be nearer the left of the palette as it is quite pale compared to it’s neighbours. It’s an average shade, but nothing too exciting, I would use different shades over this one.

Ydk – Cool Bronze Shimmer

This is one of Urban Decay’s best selling shades in individual pot form and I totally understand why – it’s a very easy to wear cool bronze shimmer! When I first saw it I thought of Sidecar which I use constantly, but without the glittery fall.

Busted – Deep Brown Shimmer

Busted is the more deep shimmery shade, a dark plummy brown that is a new, exclusive shade to the Naked 2 palette. This is a shade that would be great for the crease, or run under eye for a smokey look.

Blackout – Blackest Black Matte

The darkest colour in the palette. Not loads to say about this shade in the palette, it’s a matte black and has appeared in previous palettes. It has good pigmentation and isn’t too powdery.

19064208285_8c9beb368e_b (3)
Naked 2 eyeshadow colours: Foxy, Half Baked, Booty call, Chopper, Tease and Snakebite

Foxy – Cream Bisque Matte

Foxy is not a new colour for Urban Decay, it used to be in individual pot form however unfortunately it is no longer available. It is a creamy bisque shade with a matte finish. This makes it the perfect base colour as it will counteract any darkness on the eyelid.

Half Baked – Golden Bronze Shimmer

Half Baked is the only repeated colour in this palette as it was also featured in the original Naked palette. I’m not surprised to see it back as so many people touted this as their favourite shade! It’s a bronze gold, with a shimmery finish, and to me it seems paler than the one in the original palette (I will pop up a post on that soon!).

Bootycall – Cork Shimmer

I  love the names Urban Decay  give their shades. This shade is shimmery cork shade. It is also a never seen before shade, so is exclusive to this palette which is exiting. A fabulous  base colour to use.

Chopper – Copper Shimmer with Silver Micro Glitter

Chopper is a copper shimmer with a fine silver micro-glitter, this shadow definitely has the wow factor. Chopper has featured in palettes before and is available individually.

Tease – Creamy Pale Brown Matte

On first glance, this was a shade that I was really drawn too – a creamy pale brown with a matte finish and slight purple undertones, this will be a great crease colour for green eyed ladies like myself. Although I did find the pigmentation was lacking. It’s definitely an interesting shade though and it’s new and exclusive to this palette!

Snakebite – Dark Bronze Shimmer

Do we all know ‘Smog’ from the original Naked palette? This is basically it’s Naked 2 palette equivalent, they are very similar – both dark bronze shimmers with a metallic sheen. I have ran of smog in my original Naked palette, so this has come in very handy!


Urban Decay Naked 2 eyeshadow colours on skin

Even though there are endless amazing reviews of the Urban Decay Naked 2 Palette on the internet, I still figured you might be interested in reading another perspective regardless.

For my first ever blog, this has ended up being quite lengthy and detailed. However, I do hope it has given you an in-depth insight into the Naked 2 Eyeshadow Palette and hope you enjoyed reading!